disabled Positive about including people

No special levels of fitness and no special experience is needed to take part in any of our indoor or outdoor activities. We are very positive about including people in our training programmes, so we are always happy to make sure that people with, say, bad backs or who may be pregnant don’t feel excluded from our events. As we are an organisation committed to boosting communications skills - we are always happy to talk with people about any concerns they may have - and we will always try our best to adjust activities to suit the needs of clients with mobility issues or who may, for example, be partially sighted, deaf or with other needs. We’ve gladly run events for people who are both deaf and blind in the past, where staff members have needed to learn to sign to communicate with team members...so most enquiries tend to be much easier to cope with. We have a minibus with special wheelchair fittings and a wheelchair ramp. We hope we are reasonably accomplished at looking after the needs of any disabled people, but for safety’s sake we do ask all our customers to let us know at the earliest possible opportunity if they are, say, diabetic, epileptic or have any medical issues - because, for example an unexpected fit or hypoglycaemic episode deep down inside a cave or atop some remote mountain might be very serious and distressing for all involved.

Just call us on 01433-650345 to discuss any particular needs or concerns you may have. We can handle calls in strict confidence if you ask us to.

teddy bandaged

The only time we may be unable to help people with special needs is when the group organiser has not mentioned anything to us beforehand for whatever reason ! In such circumstances, as you’d expect, our commitment to safety may mean our leaders may have to drastically adjust programmes accordingly.