Tailored Leadership Training Courses

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A lot of the skills needed to lead and inspire groups of people to do great things are effectively very simple to understand, common-sense process skills - but when you're balancing the needs of tasks, the needs of individuals, the needs of the team as a whole and the demands of a time conscious customer who wants everything delivering right first time, then it is not so blindingly obvious what is going to get the job done best of all.

Our job is to help participants learn how to reflect upon and learn from their mistakes - and give them plenty of good ideas to think about and put into practise in realistic task based situations.
Iain Jennings Associates use a tried and proven set of methods developed here by our senior staff over several decades to bring the best out of people and help them understand what makes for effective styles of leadership and management in different pressure situations. Everyone take a turn to lead and everyone will be expected to make mistakes we can all discuss and learn from. Nobody will be allowed to make a complete mess of any set of tasks or projects - there are always plenty of helpful directing staff around to call "time out" if things are going pear-shaped !