Professional Consultants

Iain Jennings & Associates uses many of the Directors and some of the most senior members of the Peak Activities team to deliver what we refer to as fun-filled but nonetheless serious development training courses. This team of trainers has worked closely together on dozens of projects and assignments over the last 20+ years and you'll find they are all very passionate about wanting to help their trainees realise their full potential. Our leading training consultants include Dr. Andy MacLean, Wing Commander Pete Daughtrey, Dr. Iain Jennings and Steve Pope....who are all highly qualified teachers and lecturers and specialists in teaching leadership skills, team working, creative problem solving, and modern management techniques.
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Lead Training Consultant Wing Commander Peter Daughtrey discussing EFQM and an advanced Continuous Improvement Process implementation plan with senior finance managers from a major international oil company based in Switzerland. This was one of the final follow up sessions after a residential course in Derbyshire - designed to make sure good intentions arising from the main residential didn't disappear down a big black hole ! From reports back from their CEO and Finance Director we know this training residential and the follow ups made a significant difference to the way the Finance Department was perceived and later influenced the rest of the organisation.
Iain Jennings & Associates is the premier brand of the many Peak Activities Ltd training and development products. We offer discerning clients the very best quality tailored training events for individuals and teams with an emphasis on delivering lasting, worthwhile results which can be expressed in terms of pre-arranged kpi's and mop's.

Iain Jennings & Associates delivers lasting benefits in terms of changes in peoples' skills, attitudes and behaviour patterns. To do this we use tried and trusted blends of indoor and outdoor training techniques with carefully managed review sessions.
Iain Jennings & Associates makes a distinction between our most experienced and qualified trainers who we term "Lead Consultants" and the necessary support staff who may be needed to help them as qualified drivers, instructors or coaches during the delivery of a tailored training event. Usually one or two Lead Consultants may be involved in the overall design and running of an event - team teaching and leading a group of up to four or five other staff supporting them as facilitators and technicians, safety cover personnel and drivers.